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From Chris Russell:

Xiaowen Zhou became a mother and I lost contact.

Zhenjiang Yu became a hedgefund analysist and I lost contact.

From Peter Bird:

Xianghong Kong (Ph.D., 1995) is a programmer of database systems and lives in Cerritos, CA.

David Kemp (Ph.D., 1992) is physical oceanographer with Arete Associates, Northridge, CA.

Andrew Gratz (Ph.D. 1990) died 1993; at the time he was a Scientist at Livermore National Labs, CA.

David Williams (Ph.D., 1987) is Planet Curation Scientist at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.

John Baumgardner (Ph.D., 1983) is retired after a career at Los Alamos National Labs, NM.

From Will Newman:

Kevin Grazier, PhD, 1997, THE STABILITY OF PLANETESIMAL NICHES IN THE OUTER SOLAR SYSTEM : A NUMERICAL INVESTIGATION, now at Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech, advisor = Newman

Anne E. Beachey (ESS, 1992 ± 1), Arrete Corporation; stopped out to raise family (ie, not completed???)

David A. Weintraub (ESS 1989), Vanderbilt University

Richard Ditteon (ESS 1981) , Rose Hulman Institute of Technology.

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