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          <rev user="JLMargot" timestamp="2014-08-12T20:43:04Z" comment="Added entry for database notes" xml:space="preserve">'''Welcome to the radarwiki!  A resource that anyone can edit.'''

The goal of this wiki is to facilitate planning, collaboration, and record-keeping among asteroid radar users, as well as to disseminate our results widely.   
Some pages may have access rights limited to the radar group, or specific members of the radar group, to ensure quality control. 

You are encouraged to add material to the wiki and to submit suggestions for improving it.  Work on the databases is still in progress.   

== [ All potential targets] ==
This area will list orbital elements updated daily, physical properties, and an automatically-updated database of radar opportunities that can be sorted by date, SNR, etc.

== [ Upcoming targets] ==
In this area we can list the targets under consideration for the next few cycles of omnibus or urgent proposals, who is interested in them, links to planning pages, etc.

== [ Noteworthy targets] ==
In this area we can discuss long-term planning, historical targets, doubles, triples, M-types, GR/J2/Yarkovsky targets, etc.

== [ Status of radar targets] ==
In this area we can keep track of the disposition of all radar-observed targets (time requested, time scheduled, target observed, data sets archived, published). 

== [ Schedules] ==
This area includes links to planned observations and telescope schedules.

== [ Tasks] ==
This area includes proposal-writing and other assignments.

== [ Database notes] ==
This area includes notes on format and implementation of the radar database.

== [ Public Outreach] ==
This area includes tips for public outreach.

== Help with wiki ==
* [ User's Guide] Information on using the wiki software.
* [ MediaWiki FAQ] Frequently Asked Questions about the wiki software.
* [ Configuration settings list] Advanced settings.</rev>